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We appreciate you purchasing the Any VoIP Connector!

How does it works?

The AnyVoIP Connector is a media gateway between SIP Server and Web Browser (WebRTC). The AnyVoIP Connector is located on the cloud and must have an access to the SIP Provider's public IP address.


You will receive an email with specifications for successful activation of the product:

Webitel ServerConnection string to Webitel apps server.
Webitel WebRTCVoIP connection string with WebRTC protocol (voice transmission in browser)  
Webitel DomainName of clients’ domain.
Domain TokenLicense key for API queries execution. Active for the period of the license validity.

Installation, activation and setting up of the product is carried out in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Install Any VoIP Connector package on the "Installed applications" menu of Creatio: 

Or install the WebitelSipConnector package on your own. You need to run Creatio config compilation.

STEP 2: Open the group of settings Webitel in the menu "System setup"=>"System settings" and write in the specifications of the Webitel server you have received: 

STEP 3: Open menu "Your profile" "Call Centre parameters setup" and write in the parameters of your SIP registration

Step 3 should be performed for each Creatio user who will be using our product. 

And that's it! Now you can take and make calls with the use of a headset via Creatio. 

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