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After successful installation of the package, go to Configuration Management - System Settings to set the values:

Domain WebitelwebitelDomainYour domain on the Webitel server, created in the section Domain creation
DomainwebitelDomainTokenDomain Token created for the admin role in the Domain section.
Webitel Connection StringwebitelConnectionStringwss://
WebRTC Connection StringwebitelWebrtcConnectionStringwss://
  • wss - for SSL connection
  • ws - without SSL certificates

In the Lookups - Webitel Users, delete all entries. After configuration, you must exit and re-enter bpm'online.

You can add extensions for existing users in "Webitel Users". For new bpm'online users, numbers on the Webitel side will be created automatically:

To enable telephony, open your Profile Menu - Call Center Settings

  • Autoconnection - automatically connect to webitel after logging in to bpm'online
  • Use Web Phone - use WebRTC. Otherwise, you must have a registered SIP phone.

In order to display the standard "Calls" section in bpm'onilne, it must be registered in the workspace:


By default, only calls records made by bpm'online users in an active CRM system session are displayed in the basic "Calls" section. If you wish to transfer all calls from the webitel to bpm'online, then you can use the additional CDR section and the process that performs this transfer:

To enable the permanent synchronization of new entries (every 15 minutes), in the browser console you need to run the code:

// job create
require(['ServiceHelper'], function(ServiceHelper) {
ServiceHelper.callService('UsrGetCallsAnalyticsService', 'JobCreate', function(response) {
}, { }, this);