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Integration Webitel with PBX 3CX

To combine numbering plans on the 3CX side, you need to create 2 SIP trunks - one for inbound calls, and the other for outbound calls.

In this example, the numbering plan on the 3CX side is 3-digit numbers (which start with "5"), and on the Webitel side - 4-digit numbers (which start with "1").

Configuration example

Calls from 3CX to Webitel

In Webitel, in the Users section, create a new user with the number 10020:


On the 3CX sides, create a SIP Trunk with the "Generic" type:


In the gateway card, we write the registration data of the Webitel user: Username, password, domain, sip server:



After saving, the trunk should be registered successfully:


Go to the "Outbound Rules" menu on the 3CX side and create a rule that all 4-digit numbers should be sent in this trunk:



Now we can make calls from 3CX to any Webitel internal numbers.

Calls from Webitel to 3CX

In 3CX, in the SIP Trunks section, add a new entry with the "Bridge - Slave" type:


We give the name, register the login 10021 and create a password.

In the Gateways section on the Webitel side, create a new gateway with registration, where we enter the data of the newly created bridge:


After saving, successful registration should occur:


Go to the "Default callflow" section and create a routing scheme in which we indicate that all 2-digit numbers that start with "5" must be sent through this gateway:


		"ringback": {
			"call": {
				"name": "$${ru-ring}",
				"type": "tone"
			"transfer": {
				"name": "$${ru-ring}",
				"type": "tone"
		"recordSession": {
			"action": "start",
			"type": "mp3",
			"stereo": true,
			"followTransfer": true,
			"bridged": true,
			"minSec": 2,
			"email": []
		"bridge": {
			"endpoints": [
					"type": "sipGateway",
					"name": "3CX",
					"dialString": "$1"
		"hangup": "NORMAL_CLEARING"

Now we can make calls from Webitel to any 3CX internal numbers.

The description is relevant for Webitel version 3.11