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ringback call lets you set artificial ringback on a channel that is waiting for an originated call to be answered. ringback transfer - set the sound that will play if a call has already been answered, and it is then transferred to another endpoint. hold - set music or tone on hold.

  "ringback": {
    "call": {
        "name": "my.mp3",
        "type": "mp3"
    "hold": {
        "type": "silence"
    "transfer": {
        "name": "${us-ring}",
        "type": "tone"
mp3An any mp3 file uploaded in the Media resources.
wavAn any wav file uploaded in the Media resources.
shoutCan play remote stream. You can set internet radio as Your ringback tone, just set in the name:

Generate tone. You can use predefined global variables with country tones:

  • be-ring=%(1000,3000,425)
  • ca-ring=%(2000,4000,440,480)
  • cn-ring=%(1000,4000,450)
  • cy-ring=%(1500,3000,425)
  • cz-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • de-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • dk-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • dz-ring=%(1500,3500,425)
  • eg-ring=%(2000,1000,475,375)
  • es-ring=%(1500,3000,425)
  • fi-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • fr-ring=%(1500,3500,440)
  • hk-ring=%(400,200,440,480);%(400,3000,440,480)
  • hu-ring=%(1250,3750,425)
  • il-ring=%(1000,3000,400)
  • in-ring=%(400,200,425,375);%(400,2000,425,375)
  • jp-ring=%(1000,2000,420,380)
  • ko-ring=%(1000,2000,440,480)
  • pk-ring=%(1000,2000,400)
  • pl-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • ro-ring=%(1850,4150,475,425)
  • rs-ring=%(1000,4000,425)
  • ru-ring=%(800,3200,425)
  • sa-ring=%(1200,4600,425)
  • tr-ring=%(2000,4000,450)
  • uk-ring=%(400,200,400,450);%(400,2000,400,450)
  • us-ring=%(2000,4000,440,480)

For Russia ringback tone - just use ${ru-ring}

TGML complete listing of capabilities and syntax.